Breathtaking Scenery: Thousand Islands Boating Experiences

River cruises showcasing the historic and breathtaking landscape of the 1000 Islands provides an exhilarating and laid-back experience that the whole family can enjoy!

The 1000 Islands area, located in scenic Eastern Ontario, displays the breathtaking beauty of the crystal-blue St. Lawrence River and its surrounding island landscape. Booking boat tours of the 1000 Islands provides an experience perfect for those looking for excitement and history, or just a peaceful, relaxing river cruise through what is known as the ‘Heart of the Islands.’

On a Thousand Islands boat tour, you’ll see a wide variety of aquatic life, historical estates and gorgeous scenery as you cruise down the river at a relaxed pace perfect for landscape photography. The popular tourist village of Rockport, for example, is also home to a stunning variety of ecosystems and wildlife that are sure to entertain and inspire the imaginations of children and adults alike. With a variety of cruise options and recreational attractions available throughout the area, booking a trip for a 1000 Islands boat tour will provide excitement and fun for the whole family!


Sight-Seeing Tours

Located in the ‘Heart of the 1000 Islands’, river tours across the sparkling blue waters of the St. Lawrence River can provide an up-close view of this unique environment that will take your breath away.

You can catch a sightseeing cruise that will guide you through the incredible island scenery and fascinating history that make the 1000 Islands unique. Cruise past historical Singer and Boldt castles, witness the island paradise estates of Millionaire’s Row, and marvel at the palisades and epic scenery of the 1000 Islands International Bridge that connects Canada to the United States.

With RiverQuest as your gateway to multiple cruise offerings lasting from 1 to 3 hours, you can be sure that you’ll have an unforgettable experience exploring the wonders and nature of the islands.

Fresh Water Diving

For those with a taste for adventure, fresh water diving off a boat in the St. Lawrence River can be an exhilarating experience. Marvel at the wonder of an underwater world of marine life and seascape geography. You’ll take a glimpse into the past as you dive and explore hundreds of historical sunken ship ruins that date as far back as 1812.

1000 Islands boat tours also offer a variety of services to help even the most timid landlubber feel comfortable getting their feet wet, including assisting with hotel accommodations, dining options and sightseeing opportunities.

Smallest US-Canada border bridge

Island Dining

You’re bound to be hungry after exploring all that the 1000 Islands boat tours have to offer, and what better way to dine than on the deck of a cruise ship providing captivating views of the St. Lawrence River? You can enjoy a 2-hour lunch cruise through the extravagant stretch of cottage country known as Millionaire’s Row, and drift by the Zavikon Island and Cherry Island estates, a perfect backdrop to a country lunch buffet.

For those looking for a more intimate setting, enjoy a 3-hour sunset dinner cruise. This special evening of fine dining and elegance is perfect for romantic evenings and family gatherings alike.

The cruise experts at Rockport Boat Lines are proud to provide information on river cruises through the heart of the islands for any budget.

No matter what the occasion, river cruises through the 1000 Islands are an adventure that will create memories to last a lifetime.

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