The Diverse Waters of the St. Lawrence River

Dive into the aquatic world of the St. Lawrence River from a “fish’s eye view” in our 1000 Islands aquarium experience.

The Aquaria is a gateway to a world of underwater immersion, hands-on learning and exploration. The largest fish tanks in the Aquatarium can be found here, where the diverse environment of the St. Lawrence River is showcased in three distinct aquarium habitats: lake, river and shore. Each one has a unique ecosystem that you can explore from vastly different perspectives.

Observe bass, perch and sunfish from a cross-section of a typical St. Lawrence dock at our Shore tank or walk through an underwater tunnel where you will find yourself surrounded by many species of fish from the region. You will see the smallest gobie in the Shore tank, to the largest sturgeons in the River tank. Discover how plants, animals and microorganisms work together to maintain these unique St. Lawrence River ecosystems within our multiple aquarium habitats.

Finally, get down to a “fish’s eye view” in the sunken Keystorm pilothouse. The Keystorm was a mighty 258-foot cargo steamer built in Britain in 1909 that met its unfortunate demise while navigating the treacherous shipping channels of the St. Lawrence River. This legendary shipwreck remains submerged in the St. Lawrence today and is a popular diving destination.

The Keystorm pilothouse has been carefully reconstructed for your exploration in our 1000 Islands aquarium experience, where you’ll get an underwater perspective of the shipwreck that was previously only available to trained divers. Crawl inside an underwater observation bubble to look back at the pilothouse from the depths of the water and see how aquatic life interacts with remnants of human river exploration.Aquaria

Aquaria Fast Facts:

  • The Keystorm was a large ship, measuring 258 feet long and hosting a crew of 20 men.
  • Our separate aquarium tanks – the Lake, River, and Shore – showcase the vast differences between these ecosystems and the way changes in water flow, from quiet lake environments to rushing river settings, impact the aquatic life beneath the surface.
  • Our aquarium tanks are specifically designed to make observing and discovering aquatic life a fully immersive sensory experience, with an array of perspectives from which explorers can “dive in” to the world beneath the water’s surface.
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