Worlds of Wonder Before Your Eyes

Open your mind to new perspectives on the wonders of the natural world – in the St. Lawrence-1000 Islands region and beyond!

Our daily lives – work, school and family – often consume our thoughts so much that we forget that we humans are only one part of the glorious equation that adds up to life on Earth. But once you set foot in our Biosphere Hall and see the Earth itself projected in high-definition glory and suspended high above your head, you’ll be reminded once again of the magnitude of our Blue Planet and all the ways we humans are just one part of a much greater story!

While water is a crucial part of life in the 1000 Islands, we’re more than just an aquarium. From our massive 42-foot long projection screen, get a closer look at the abundant plant and wildlife species that are native to the St. Lawrence and 1000 Islands region.

Gaze at stunning vistas from the 1000 Islands: a half-submerged ancient mountain range that appears above the St. Lawrence’s surface as a winding archipelago of islands of vastly different sizes. Discover how massive movements of the Earth’s crust formed the region’s unique landscapes of winding river, abundant islets in the 1000 Islands, verdant wetlands and numerous lakes, and then view them up-close in our specially designed aquarium habitats. The Canadian Shield, a centuries-old geologic marvel, slides gently under the Adirondack Mountains in New York State, grinding up millennia of rock and pushing them to the surface to create a now-submerged mountain range that forms the 1000 Islands. Imagining such a phenomenon is a challenge for any adventurer, but the digital explorations available in Biosphere Hall will bring prehistory to vivid, memorable life.

Our 20’ interactive map is created with the help of our RiverQuest partners, where you can design and discover your own customized explorations and experiences based on your unique interests: activity level, location, desire for off-the-beaten-path adventures, thirst for culture and more!
Biosphere Hall

Biosphere Hall Fast Facts:

  • Throughout its unusual East-West course, the St. Lawrence passes through a range of vegetation environments, including deciduous, mixed and coniferous forest and even taiga.
  • Explorer Jacques Cartier called the St. Lawrence “the great river of Canada.” You’ll understand why after questing for the origins of the river and its crucial role in Canadian history.
  • Archeologists have found evidence of human presence in the area from as early as 9000 years ago. The St. Lawrence-1000 Islands region was a favorite campground of the First Nations, who used this great waterway to access Canada’s interior long before European explorers, missionaries, soldiers, and fur traders.