Sailing Down the St. Lawrence

Experience first-hand the adventure, the challenges and the thrill of life on the St. Lawrence River in our Boat House & Skiff House discovery centre.

For centuries, people have used the St. Lawrence River not only for adventure, but also for hunting, fishing and commerce. Boating was more than a leisure activity – it was a lifestyle. Today, the 1000 Islands and St. Lawrence River continue to be a popular destination for lovers of boats of all types: motorboats, houseboats, paddleboats, sailboats and even rowers and skiffs.

In the Boat House & Skiff House, you can try your hand at a river boater’s life. The sights, sounds and mechanisms of a real boat give the Boat House an authentic feel. If you’re feeling ready for some hard work, you might even try rowing the boat for a little while in our simulators, challenging your family to a rowing duel!

After racing your skiff, take a rest and unwind surrounded by natural river scenes. But be careful – the weather can be unpredictable! Coming soon will be lightning, thunder and rain which are normal parts of a boater’s life, and in our Boat House, you just might get caught in a “storm.”

A skiff is a small river craft, typically with a crew of only one to four people, that has been a vital part of the history of the St. Lawrence River. Starting in the late 1800s, river guides would row paying customers up and down the river all day long so that they could fish. At our Skiff House, you can become immersed in the experience of working and playing on the water.