Aquatarium Image Galleries

Immerse yourself in the majesty of the mighty St. Lawrence River and its native plant and animal species.

Experience a side of the St. Lawrence River normally reserved for those daring enough to navigate the torrid waters, explore the forest primeval or dive the murky depths. Explore the rich history of the 1000 Islands and its diverse and abundant ecology through our interactive image galleries.

Rekindle the wonder about the world that you may have lost and get whisked away on the currents of awe-inspiring voyages into the wilderness that’s a surprisingly short distance from home.


Fun at the Aquatarium

The Aquatarium opened it’s doors on March 1, 2016! There's so much to see and do. Explore the many delights with these fun pictures!

1000 Islands

Gaze at the awesome landscapes of this beautiful archipelago of islands of widely varying sizes, some only large enough to support a single tree.

AQ In The Making

Observe as we build the immense Aquatarium from the ground up, getting a behind-the-scenes glimpse of each attraction and exhibit as it is installed.


View many of the abundant fish species native to the St. Lawrence River and 1000 Islands as they glide weightlessly through the water.

Flora & Fauna

Look beyond the mighty pines, familiar fish and playful otters to the wealth of plant and animal species that flourish in the 1000 Islands and St. Lawrence River region.


Watch these delightfully playful animals careen joyfully through their meticulously appointed habitat.