Behind the Scenes

Years ago, the Aquatarium began as a dream sketched out on a simple piece of paper. Today, it is burgeoning into a one-of-a-kind interactive discovery centre and the ultimate gateway to the 1000 Islands and RiverQuest destinations!

Come and explore the Aquatarium in the making, an exciting learning and discovery centre for curious kids and adventurous adults of all ages! The Aquatarium aims to inspire explorers’ curiosity and engage passion for the unique history and culture, fertile ecosystems and exciting recreational opportunities of the 1000 Islands, Ontario and St. Lawrence River areas. There is something here for everyone, from children to chaperones, from teens to teachers, from scouts to scuba divers, and from parents to pirates.

The Aquatarium began as a patch of land beside Brockville’s municipal harbor on the St. Lawrence River. Fueled by lofty dreams, abundant passion and a steadfast determination to showcase the wonders of our beloved home region, it has now been meticulously transformed into a massive discovery centre where adventure and education are intertwined. We aim to make learning happen naturally, inviting the adventurous visitor to experience nature and nautical science first-hand, delivered through a balanced approach of engaging storytelling, entertainment and play. For the passionate dreamers behind the original idea, the Aquatarium is a delightful dream come true!

We believe in an adventurous spirit of learning that creates a thirst for knowledge and reject passive approaches that can extinguish the thrill of exploration. We encourage visitors to follow any number and variety of Quests and to carve out their own routes, forging pathways they’d never thought of before. Because many facets of the history and culture of the 1000 Islands – Ontario and St. Lawrence River region are so interconnected, one Quest will easily lead you to another.

The Aquatarium is thrilled to open its doors to the local Ontario and international communities, serving as the perfect gateway to an unforgettable RiverQuest adventure.