Set Sail Through the 1000 Islands’ Posh Past

Gently glide 100 years back in time in the world famous yacht Magedoma as you embark on a recreated tour through the 1000 Islands.

In the beautifully reconstructed day cabin of a world-famous yacht, the Magedoma, you and your fellow intrepid voyagers can take a virtual tour to Singer Castle – 100 years in the past. While warships and massive shipping barges have always chugged up and down the waters of the St. Lawrence through the 1000 Islands, the area’s richest residents preferred a more relaxed mode of river travel for day trips in Ontario: the well-appointed yacht. Onboard you’ll feel just as if you’re one of George Fulford’s prominent guests taking luxurious day trips in Ontario on his private yacht as you make your way down the St. Lawrence River.

Canadian businessman and politician George Taylor Fulford bought the Cangarda, a 42-metre (138-foot) steam-powered yacht in 1904. He christened it the Magedoma, by combining parts of his family’s names to create the new nautical nickname: MA from Mary, GE from George, DO from Dorothy, and MA for Martha. The vessel had sleeping quarters for up to 14 guests and boasted a Cuban mahogany dining room with seating for 20. Though Fulford tragically died in a car accident only one year after the debut of his proud vessel, his family entertained many renowned guests, including several Prime Ministers, on day trips in Ontario and beyond aboard the Magedoma for years to come. The yacht eventually went into decline, but has since been restored and is now on exhibit in Connecticut, USA. But you need not travel all that way south when a carefully reconstructed voyage back in time is available right here at the 1000 Islands’ Aquatarium. Magadoma

Magedoma Fast Facts:

  • Among the Fulford family’s guests in 1927 alone were the Duke of Kent, the Prince of Wales and the British Prime Minister.
  • The Fulford family lent the Magedoma to the Royal Canadian Navy during World War II for use as a training vessel.
  • American architect Ernest Flagg built the 1000 Islands’ Singer Castle from 1888-1905. It has always served as a private residence, and today the castle maintains many of its original furnishings.