Immerse Yourself in the 1000 Islands of Ontario

Explore a stunning range of possibilities in and around the St. Lawrence River with video footage that whisks you away with the wonder of nature.

Here in the three screen theatre, children and adults alike can enjoy aspects of the 1000 Islands and Ontario from the comfort of specially designed theatre seating, where everyone gets a great view. Check out original video produced especially for the Aquatarium, including stunning footage of attractions in the 1000 Islands that offer perspectives usually reserved for those with access to a private plane!

In the Theatre, Aquatarium adventurers can take a break and relax while enjoying high-definition video feeds from dive boats, the rigging of ships, and unique perspectives on aquatic life in its natural state.

The Theatre isn’t just for exploring attractions in the 1000 Islands! It is a truly multi-purpose room that can be customized and reorganized for a range of events. Formal dinners, children’s “on the floor” events, conferences, corporate meetings and even weddings can be hosted here. The walls of the theatre fold away to accommodate up to 250 people, and areas can be partitioned off to host multiple events at the same time. The telescope-style seating and the angle of the screens ensure that everyone gets a good view!

A movie adventure can be added onto your birthday party starting at just $90! After we are closed for the day, your birthday party continues by watching a movie (provided by you) on our three screens starting at only $90!!! Visit our birthday page for complete details: Birthday Parties @ the AQ