Put Some Wind in Your Sails!

Test a miniature sailboat at the Aquatarium Wind Wall, one of our favourite interactive activities for kids!

The Aquatarium’s Wind Wall offers fun and engaging educational activities for kids of all ages. Our adventurers will test model sailboats like the real ones on the St. Lawrence River. They will learn how to position the boat’s sails to help them best sail windward and leeward.

Testing your sailboat will connect many of the themes of your trip to the Aquatarium: nautical science, water transportation, and the history of sailboats throughout the St. Lawrence River, 1000 Islands, Ontario and beyond. This play-based learning centre, full of engaging activities for kids, is the perfect way to put into action what explorers have discovered on their voyages through the Aquatarium.

You’ll learn all about the different parts of the sailboat. Our friendly Ambassadors will show you how to identify everything from bow to stern – that’s front to back for you landlubbers! You’ll also learn all about the wind and how it affects the sailboat, making navigating the rollicking waters of the St. Lawrence River and 1000 Islands of Ontario quite a challenge.

Wind Wall Fast Facts:

  • Windward is the direction upwind of the sailboat, and leeward is the direction downwind.
  • Sailing has been instrumental in the development of human civilization across the world, allowing people to travel greater distances for trade, war and fishing.
  • While most modern commercial ships are engine powered, sailing is still a popular activity for both recreation and sport.