A Note from our Animal Husbandry Team – Dec. 2016

Introducing Tina Turtle!


The holiday season is nearly upon us, and everyone is busy getting ready. Lights, decorations and festive cheer. Cookies, candies and of course chocolate of all kinds. However, the best part of all is being home with family and friends and making lasting memories. Here at the Aquatarium, our husbandry team is hard at work completing a new home for one of our animals. Tina Turtle came to us late in the summer needing a new home. She is a red eared slider (Trachemys scripta elegans) and is a mature female. These turtles get their name from the red markings behind their ears and because they are quick to slide off rocks and logs back into the water. They are semiaquatic animals, that like slow moving water such as ponds, small lakes and streams. Red eared sliders are cold blooded so they enjoy perching up on rocks and logs in the hot sun to help regulate their temperature. These animals are very friendly, and Tina is no exception. She will swim over to say hi, especially if she thinks it’s dinner time. She does have a well-balanced diet of fish, meal worms, leafy greens such as kale and spinach, and of course fruits such as apples. Red eared sliders are omnivores and enjoy a large variety of foods. In saying that, just like everyone, she does have her favourites.

Tina will make her new home at our Boat House exhibit where she will have plenty of space to swim around and a newly installed heat lamp for her to bask under. Her move will take place in early December, with plenty of time to get her new home ready for the holiday season. It is very exciting and we hope you stop by to see Tina enjoying her new home the next time you visit. Until then the animal husbandry team sends you all warm wishes for the holiday season and may your homes be as festive as Tina’s.

Jennipher Carter, Senior Aquarist

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