A Note from our Animal Husbandry Team – Feb. 2017

Staff Favourite!!

We have some very cool fish here in the St. Lawrence River.  Some are difficult to find because of their behaviours.  One of those fish are the Longnose Gar.  They can be seen floating like sticks near the surface of the water on warm days or nights.  This is a useful form of mimicry, as they can drift towards their prey and take them by surprise. 

The Longnose Gar can be sluggish in their habits unless it is time to eat…. they are very quick and move swiftly to catch their prey.  It is a lot of fun to watch. 

Here at the Aquatarium we have two Longnose Gar floating around in our Boathouse exhibit.  Their names are not official, however have been referred to as Simon and Garfunkle.  Often hiding around the dock or reeds, they are very curious and friendly and will come to say hi, especially if they think food is involved.  They also enjoy an occasional belly rub from our animal husbandry team, but I would never encourage you to put your hands in, as they possess long noses full of sharp teeth!  If you are planning to visit the Aquatarium for the first time, or you are a regular guest, make sure to take some time to stop by the Boathouse to see these amazing animals.

 Long nose gar 1 Long nose gar 2

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