A Note from our Animal Husbandry Team – Jan. 2017

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Happy New Year from the Animal Husbandry Team!

Wow! Can you believe it! Brock, Ivy and Oliver have been a part of the Aquatarium family for a year at the end of this month. Formally known as large male, female and small male, our three rescued North American River Otters have come a long way. Each was given a name, voted upon from a large amount of entries through our Facebook contest, and we like to think they’re very well suited!

Since their arrival on January 27th, 2016, the three friends have adapted to their new homes in their own way. Oliver, always being curious, continues to come up to the glass each day for snack, and loves to play with new toys! Ivy loves to follow our staff, visitors and volunteers as they walk past the exhibit. Brock, being older than the other two adults, comes down for a snack, and a quick visit. He enjoys swimming with his friends and loves to munch on an apple or squash. All three are adorable when they curl up together in their log den (Ivy has taken it upon herself to add some improvements of her own – pictured in the photos removing bark from a log to decorate her den).

Brock, Ivy and Oliver have all done well acclimatizing to their new home. The staff at the Aquatarium are excited for the upcoming year, with new enrichment, treats and lots of visitors!

Chelsea Lee, Aquarist

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